jesse peterson Avatar
jesse peterson
8/10/2023 - Google
Shielia has been my doctor for many many years , i drive over 60 miles each way, and would dive even more if need arises to have her and her team help my animals,
Mason Heinrich Avatar
Mason Heinrich
7/27/2023 - Google
My Akita had back to back infections and they scheduled him in the day I called. Unbelievably grateful. Also didn’t charge for an exam due to my dogs stress which was so kind of them. They aren’t my regular vet, but very well could be.
David McGuire Avatar
David McGuire
6/03/2023 - Google
Amazing experience. Great vet, great staff, fantastic all around service. Affordable, too! What I really appreciated was the understanding and respect for my big pup. We felt welcome, safe, and not upsold on pet health products. Crow Hill is highly recommended!!!
Adam Ellis Avatar
Adam Ellis
6/03/2023 - Google
I can not say enough good things about the folks at Crow Hill. I live in Littleton and gladly make the trip because they’ve been so good to my chickens and ducks. Always incredible!
Dawn Deyoe Avatar
Dawn Deyoe
6/03/2023 - Google
I would love to give a shout out to the gals out at CHVH. We had a torn nail on our pup while at my mom's visiting. The clinic took her in immediately and tended to her needs. Even peeked at her before we left for home , since it appeared she was running a slight fever, and we were facing the weekend. Love Dr Shelia ❤️ she took care of our Klee Kai 5 years ago when our Dad passed away. Now Cassie thank you so very much
Tammy D Avatar
Tammy D
6/03/2023 - Google
Nice, caring people. Good location
Shelly Paice Avatar
Shelly Paice
5/03/2023 - Google
They are amazing. They really care.
Kelli Lechman Avatar
Kelli Lechman
5/03/2023 - Google
I absolutely love this place we've been there 2 times now and we picked them out of several other vet clinics. I'm so happy with my decision. They truly care about my old english bulldog Bane and he's very comfortable being there they honestly love their patience
Christopher Jones Avatar
Christopher Jones
4/03/2023 - Google
Competent, kind, compassionate, respectful to both pets and pet owners. We're incredibly grateful and fortunate to have Crow Hill in our community.
Lisa DeWitt Avatar
Lisa DeWitt
4/03/2023 - Google
The staff is amazing and so caring for all my animals. They're even willing to see my house pig!!
Madi Beal Avatar
Madi Beal
1/03/2023 - Google
I brought my cat in for dental work and she ended up having 7 teeth pulled. Obviously that’s very scary and I was extremely hesitant because my cat is older. However, I can’t speak highly enough about the people at crow hill vet. I’m horrible with names but I know Dr. Sheila worked on my Cindy along with another vet (I can’t remember your name and I’m sorry!) and I can’t help but write a review on them. They got her in and out quite quickly despite how many teeth she had pulled and explained to me what medicines she’d need and when and were extremely patient with me even when I was blubbering and crying like a baby because I found out that day that she has kidney disease. I also felt bad that I couldn’t be there with my Cindy when she was waking up but another person there told me how she cuddled Cindy as she was waking up and that meant a lot to me. Again, I’m awful with names but the lovely lady who did that is always at the front desk and she’s been so sweet every single time I’ve talked to her. I just wanted to thank you guys for everything and write a good review to convince anyone looking for a vet in the Bailey area to come here. These people are so wonderful. ❤️
Sherrie Urban Avatar
Sherrie Urban
12/03/2022 - Google
Such caring staff. Even called the next day to make sure she was ok after receiving a shot! The best
Joni Zisman Avatar
Joni Zisman
12/03/2022 - Google
The staff and vets/vet techs at Crow Hill are amazing. Not only did they save our very high energy, curious pup when she ate a poisonous mushroom (and a clove of garlic earlier in the summer!), they also offered to have us swing by with her any time to help with socialization and get her comfortable there. They are great with her and with us. I cannot believe we are lucky enough to have them so close to our home!
Emili Sarver Avatar
Emili Sarver
12/03/2022 - Google
Everyone here is truly wonderful and compassionate. They got me in quickly and we're able to diagnose and set up a treatment plan with minimal distress to my cat. I'm so grateful for everything these wonderful people do
BlondieLocks77 Amanda Avatar
BlondieLocks77 Amanda
10/03/2022 - Google
Great staff, super knowledgeable and helpful!
Ginny Shipman Avatar
Ginny Shipman
10/03/2022 - Google
Great customer service. They truly care about your pets.