Much like humans, pets need to eat a balanced diet. You may think that all pet food is equal, but that is not quite true. However, price is not the way to determine what is the right food for your pet. It is much more important to make sure the food you choose has the nutrients your pet needs. At Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital in Bailey CO, our veterinarian can help determine the types of food your pet needs to remain in good health. Before you can choose the right food for your pet you need to educate yourself a little about the nutritional needs of your pet.


Dog are not strictly carnivores. While meat makes up the largest portion of their diet, dogs also benefit from eating vegetables and fruits. What you don’t want in your dog food is fillers. The best dog foods have high-quality versions of meat, grains, vegetables, and fruits in the correct proportions to provide everything your dog needs and interfere with the digestive system. For most dogs, any quality dog food will be enough. Our veterinarian will assess your pet’s condition to determine whether or not it has allergies or health problems that will need to be addressed with a special diet.


Cats have different nutritional needs than dogs. Cats are strict carnivores and they are not able to effectively digest carbohydrates. Read the label and make sure that meat and meat by-products are the main ingredients in any food you are considering. Wet cat good is a good option.  Our veterinarian will assess your cat’s health to determine the best food.

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