Vaccinations are one of the best pet care investments you will ever make. You will give your pet the best chance of protection from many of the deadliest pet diseases in the United States. At Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital, our veterinarians in Bailey would like to look at the importance of pet vaccinations.

It’s the Law

The rabies vaccine is legally required for all dogs and cats older than three months in the state of Colorado. The law is in place because people can get rabies from rabid animals and die. Rabies is almost always fatal in pets and is incurable. The rabies vaccine is the only one required by law.

Pet Vaccines Protect More Pets Than Just Yours

Most of the vaccines available for your pet are for highly contagious diseases. Some diseases, like leptospirosis, can be spread even though the pet does not show symptoms. By getting your pet vaccinated by a veterinarian, you ensure that the chain of transmission is broken. This protects all of the pets that will come in contact with your pet.

Vaccines Make Your Pets More Welcome

Many places where you will want to take your pet, like on an airplane, pet hotel, or a pet boarding facility, will only accept vaccinated pets. This is because so many pets are together in one place that the chances of one being sick and passing the disease to others are very high. Each place will have its own list of what vaccinations are required.

Pet Vaccines are Cost-effective

It costs thousands of dollars to take care of your pet in an emergency animal hospital. In contrast, getting your pet vaccinated costs a fraction of what you would have to pay in veterinary bills if your pet contracts a disease that could have been prevented.

They Are Easy to Get

Vaccines take a couple of minutes to administer, depending on how many your pet needs that day. You can make getting boosters part of your pet’s annual exam.

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