My love of pets has extended throughout my entire life. As a youth my hero was James Herriot and I consumed his books with a fervor. My family always had dogs and cats and I loved playing with and training them even when I was smaller than they were. As I reached adulthood, I moved into the healthcare field and ended up becoming a massage therapist. During my years of practice, and along with continuing education classes, I have become both Reiki certified as well as a practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy. These modalities, when combined with working the muscles through manual manipulation, trigger point therapy, neuromuscular therapy and/or range of motion techniques, have allowed me to help my patients and clients heal and move to a happier healthier state. I now see an incredible opportunity to use my training in massage and other related modalities to help not only my human clients but animals as well.

With this being said, I am now thrilled to bring these skills to Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital and work directly with Dr. Sheila Rice-Watkins as well as her talented staff. I look forward to each day to helping our “furry kids” on their journey to living healthier and happier lives.