When a dog or cat enters its senior years, it requires additional assistance to ensure it stays in the best of health. One important step that helps with senior pet care issues is making appointments at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital in Bailey with our veterinarian, Dr. Sheila.

Allow Your Pet To Take Its Time

During the older years of a pet’s life, it will often slow down because of arthritis and loss of muscle tone. Do not encourage your pet to walk faster or engage in extreme physical activities as they can cause your pet to suffer from injuries. Instead, be patient as your dog or cat makes its way around.

Provide Some Help To Reduce Discomfort

If your pet struggles with arthritis or seems to have difficulty jumping up on the bed or sofa, consider adding some tools to your home to make their life a bit easier. Invest in a stand to raise your pet’s food and water bowls so your pet does not need to lean down too far to eat or drink. Purchase a pet bed that remains on the floor for your dog or cat’s comfort. Add walking ramps to your home instead of having your pet rely on the stairs to make its way around. Even better, add food and water dishes or a litter box for your cats on each floor for your pet’s easy access.

Schedule Routine Visits With Our Veterinarians

When a pet is older, it is important to increase the number of visits it has with your veterinarian. Since a pet’s health can change quickly, a few appointments per year aids in obtaining quick treatment for medical ailments when they arise. Our veterinarians will perform a complete checkup for your dog or cat, including an evaluation of the body for possible arthritis. Many pets slow down and do not exercise as much when they age. This lack of movement in turn could lead to obesity. In other pets, they do not feel like eating as much and will begin to look frail. Your pet’s diet will need to be changed as it becomes a senior pet.

Senior Pet Care in Bailey, CO

If you have a dog or cat that is older, make an appointment at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital with our veterinarian, Dr. Sheila. Our veterinarian will provide your pet with compassionate senior pet care and give you recommendations regarding diet, exercise, medication usage, preventative treatments, and overall health. Call our office today at (303) 838-4677 to learn more about our veterinary services.