Doggie paws endure a lot during the winter, as they traverse through rugged, rocky, and cold terrains. The toughness of their footpads varies wildly—while some pups can romp through whatever Mother Nature throws at them, others need proper maintenance.

When your dog is outside for shorter periods of time taking care of business or getting in and out of your car, check their paws and dry them off. Make sure to remove ice, moisture, salt, and chemicals with a towel, and pay special attention to their paws and between toes.

Along with making sure their bare paws stay protected, there are some additional products that can help your canine pal. Dog booties are a good option, especially during those extra cold days or in the case of an emergency. The best thing to do with these booties is to get your pet accustomed to them at home first, to prevent any surprises. When you’re ready to hit the outdoors, make sure their “shoes” fit properly and check to see that they are secure at the top so that loose snowflakes don’t fall in.

If booties aren’t your dog’s fancy, Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital carries a local product called Paw Protector which is a must have for mountain dogs. This moisture-rich balm can also help protect your pup’s nose against the harsh winter wind and the best part is, it’s locally made right here in our community. For more information on this great hand-made product, give us a call at 303-838-4677.