Maintaining a healthy diet is pivotal for the overall health and wellness of your pet.  If your pet is overweight, dangerous medical complications and health concerns in your pet can start to spiral out of control.  A healthy weight helps protect the hard and soft tissues in the body and protect internal organs from systemic disease. Our team at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital in Bailey cares about keeping your pet healthy.  Here is why it is essential to stay on top of your pet’s diet and nutrition.

Why Is Pet Nutrition Important?

Just like people, pets rely on food to help fuel them with enough energy to make it through the day. Having enough nutrition in a balanced diet ensures that your pet receives the right amount of vitamins and minerals he or she needs to stay healthy.  It is important to remember that as your pet ages, his or her nutritional needs will change. A young puppy will have very different nutritional needs than a senior pet.  Be sure to regularly talk to our veterinary professional about changing appetites and energy levels as a way of ensuring that you are giving your pet the right nutrition.

Why Is Optimal Weight Important?

Your pet maintaining an optimal weight is essential to his or her overall health.  Not only can obesity put extra stress on bones and joints, causing painful conditions to form, but obesity can also lead to systemic diseases such as kidney and liver disease or diabetes. Feeding requirements will change as your pet ages. Older dogs tend to have less energy, which means they require fewer calories to keep them energized all day long.  Monitor and adjust your pet’s calorie intake to match his or her needs.

How Can a Veterinarian Help with Pet Diet?

Our team can help monitor and control your pet’s diet and nutritional needs.  With a thorough evaluation, Dr. Sheila will be able to make suggestions about the right type and amount of food your pet needs. If your pet has trouble gaining or losing weight despite an appropriate diet, there may be an underlying problem causing the issue. We can perform a panel of tests to diagnose and treat any underlying conditions impacting your pet’s weight and nutritional intake. Taking your pet to an experienced and professional hospital is essential to guarantee the best laboratory results and treatment options.

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The team at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital is passionate about keeping your pets safe and healthy.  We strongly believe that a healthy pet needs the right nutrition for him or her. Based out of Bailey, our clinic can offer a range of services to help keep your pet at a healthy weight. If you have a pet that is struggling to maintain the right weight, reach out to our professionals today.  Call us at (303) 838-4677 to set up an appointment with a member of our team.

Pet Nutrition FAQ

Good nutrition is vital to keeping your furry friend healthy! If you’ve been wondering “Who’s the best veterinarian near me?” or you’re looking for a vet in Bailey, CO, visit Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital! We offer pet nutritional counseling and are available to answer any questions you have about nutrition and feeding your pet.

Why Is Nutrition a Crucial Part of Pet Care?

Your pet’s diet provides it with the nutrients it needs to keep its immune system healthy. The right food will provide your pet with energy and will help it maintain its health as it ages. If your pet eats foods that don’t meet its nutritional needs, it will be more likely to develop serious health issues. A poor diet can even shorten an animal’s lifespan.

How Can I Choose the Right Pet Food?

When it comes to pet nutrition, it’s best not to take a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, look for foods that meet your pet’s unique needs. It’s also a good idea to buy pet food that’s made by a trustworthy company. Don’t hesitate to ask your vet for pet food recommendations at your next pet exam!

What Should I Look for When Checking Pet Food Ingredients?

While the label won’t tell you everything about pet food, it can provide valuable information. Your pet’s diet should primarily consist of animal-based protein, fiber, and nutritious fats. Nutrients like zinc, iron, and calcium are also important for your pet’s bone health. Try to avoid pet foods that contain lots of filler ingredients or use artificial flavoring.

How Much Food Does My Pet Need?

The ideal amount of food for your pet will vary based on several factors, including your pet’s weight, age, and general activity level. Overfeeding your pet puts it at increased risk for obesity, but a lack of food can lead to malnutrition. With the help of your pet, you can find the perfect amount of food to give your pet each day.

Will My Pet’s Nutritional Needs Change Over Time?

Pet care needs change as animals grow older, and nutritional needs change as well. Younger animals usually need more protein, while older animals may need more calcium. If your pet is a in a new stage of its life, it’s a good idea to discuss its current diet with your vet to see if you need to make any changes.

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At Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital, we have provided residents of Bailey, CO, with quality pet care services for many years. These services include pet nutritional counseling. Read on to learn about how your pet might benefit from nutritional counseling.

What is pet nutritional counseling?

Nutritional counseling provides pet owners with advice and guidance on the best diet and nutritional options for their pets. This advice is useful for pets in good health and those with medical conditions that may benefit from a special diet. The benefits of nutritional counseling can include improved health and well-being for your beloved pet, with food that increases energy levels and is better for overall health.

How much does proper nutrition affect a pet’s health?

A balanced diet with a variety of nutrient-rich food helps keep pets healthy and can help prevent or manage some medical conditions. Proper nutrition also helps to ensure that pets have the energy they need to enjoy life and stay active, and it can help to keep their coats and skin healthy.

Improved Quality of Life

A well-balanced diet tailored to your pet’s needs can help reduce the risk of certain medical conditions, such as obesity, diabetes, and skin problems, as well as other health issues that may arise due to poor nutrition. In addition, a well-balanced diet can also improve a pet’s overall quality of life.

Nutritional counseling can also create a diet plan to help to improve your pet’s mental and emotional health. A proper diet for your pet’s needs can help to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression, as well as other behavioral issues. In addition, a well-balanced diet can help to improve the pet’s overall mood and energy level.

To ensure that your pet receives the best diet and nutrition possible, it is important to see a veterinarian for nutritional counseling. A veterinarian can assess the pet’s overall health and any existing medical conditions and provide advice on the best diet and nutrition options for the pet. A veterinarian can also provide information on the types of foods that are best for the pet and any potential health risks associated with certain foods.

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