Laser therapy uses specific wavelengths, of light in order to treat painful conditions, by improving blood flow, and improving oxidation within cells. Conditions this can be used include:

  • chronic pain including arthritis
  • acute pain relief including trauma or injuries
  • stimulates healing of damaged tissue (such as abscesses, or urinary tract infections)
  • speeds recovery of injured region
  • improves blood circulation
  • offers postoperative pain relief for faster wound healing.

We offer affordable packages of short term packages, as well as a wellness plan option.

Our pain management wellness plan has been designed to maximize  your pets wellness, while saving you money by spreading the cost of care over 12 monthly payments! Ths plan is offered through one-year enrollments with a one-time activation fee.

Pain Management Wellness Plan:


  • One set of sedated radiographs, blood screening (CBC/Chem/ thyroid) and urinalysis
  • Targeted laser therapy (up to 20 treatments)
  • Includes associated exams Vaccines are not included in this plan.