What Your Bailey Veterinarian Wants You to Know about Heartworm Testing

You undoubtedly buy your dog all the best food, toys, and other gear, but are you doing all you can to prevent heartworm infections? You need to take all the right preventative steps and complete testing as needed to keep these parasites out of their systems. Otherwise, heartworms could grow and thrive within their hearts, lungs, and other organs. All it takes is a bite from a mosquito buzzing around Bailey to introduce heartworms to your dogs. Thankfully, Dr. Sheila at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital can help.

The Purpose of Heartworm Testing

Even if you are committed to giving your dog heartworm preventative medication, it is easy to slip up and miss a dose. If that happens, you will need to have testing done to confirm that the parasite is not present. Otherwise, when you restart the medication, your dog could suffer an adverse reaction.

It is also wise to have heartworm testing completed on a regular basis to make sure that the preventative is working as intended. Although your Bailey veterinarian only uses the most effective products, they do not provide 100 percent guaranteed protection. Although quite rare, heartworm larva could potentially survive exposure to the medication and grow anyway. Through testing, you can keep them from multiplying in your pets’ bodies.

Optimal Testing Schedule

Ideally, your Bailey veterinarian should complete heartworm testing at least every 12 months. When used in tandem with preventative medication, this gives your vet a good chance at stopping infections before they reach the heart and lungs.

Your vet will let you know if your pet could benefit from more frequent testing. Your dogs’ age, health condition, and other factors will all be considered in making that decision. You can share your own concerns with your vet and ask any questions you need to take the best possible care of your dog.

When to Schedule a Visit with Dr. Sheila

We understand that your pets are family and we aim to help you keep them safe and healthy through the years. If you are concerned about heartworm, give us a call at (303) 838-4677 to schedule an appointment at our Bailey, Colorado, clinic.

With our help, you can find a convenient time and date to bring your dog in to visit Dr. Sheila. We can then help you decide if it is the right time for testing and choose between the many different heartworm preventative medications available today. We look forward to helping you maintain the health of your dogs from puppyhood through their senior years.