An unusually dry winter means an early fire season, and Crow Hill Veterinary would like to encourage you to start preparing now in case of an emergency or if evacuation becomes necessary. Here are a few tips to get you started.

Microchip your pets. If your pets are already microchipped, check that their registration is updated with your current address and phone number.

Put together a disaster preparedness kit. The kit should include food, water, and medications for five days, medical records, leashes or carriers, veterinarian contact info, blankets and toys.

Teach your goats, pigs, and other smaller livestock to load into trailers.Livestock is generally evacuated to the county fairgrounds, and you are primarily responsible for their transport unless otherwise notified.

Find somewhere to stay ahead of time. In an emergency you may have to leave your home, and many shelters don’t allow pets. Call hotels ahead of time to see if they would welcome your pets in case of an emergency.

Keep the following numbers handy in case you do need help evacuating your animals in an emergency:

  • Clear Creek County – Clear Creek Animal Rescue Team: 303-688-0924
  • Jefferson County – Animal Control: 303-271-5070
  • Park County – Animal Control: 719-836-4122

For more emergency preparedness tips and information, check out the following websites:

And as always, you are welcome to call us at 303-838-4677 if you have questions about caring for your animals in an emergency. Now let’s hope for some more rain and a quiet fire season!