Sheila RiceWatkins grew up in Pennsylvania always dreaming of becoming a veterinarian. She began her career helping animals as a veterinary assistant in 1991, and worked as a veterinary technician while attending undergraduate school at York College of Pennsylvania. She attended Veterinary school at Kansas State University, graduating with her DVM in 2001.

She moved to Colorado and practiced along the front range in general practice as well as emergency medicine. Dr. Sheila believes in offering quality compassionate care to your pets while helping you make decisions about your pet’s health that is right for you and your family. She values strengthening your family bond through all life stages through comprehensive care.

Dr. Sheila is a member of the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians as well as the Animal EVAC Volunteers and Colorado Veterinary Medical Response Corp which provides emergency veterinary services to communities during disasters and is also federally accredited to recognize transboundary diseases and maintain disease surveillance. She also serves on the board for the Colorado Companion Animal Sanctuary, which serves special needs cats by providing a forever home with intensive management by dedicated caretakers.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family: husband Chad, a Bailey native, and son Orion. They live in Bailey with 3 dogs, 2 cats, a rabbit, frog, iguana, and chickens. Dr. Sheila is a gardener and enjoys jeeping, camping and staying busy with home improvement projects. She is also a strong advocate for dyslexia and ADHD.

Dr. Sheila is known to embrace her passions and focus like no other to reach her goals.Meet Our Team