Even the cleanest of homes can have dogs with parasites. Although parasites are hard to avoid, you can give your dog comprehensive parasite control, with help from your veterinarian. Dr. Sheila RiceWatkins and our team at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital in Bailey are here to help keep your furry friends safe from these pests.


The most common parasites that affect pets are fleas. The flea is not fussy about what animal it drinks blood from when choosing to make a meal of dogs, cats, or you. Dogs with fleas will scratch and bite themselves more often than usual. They may even scratch themselves bald. Fleas are treated with powders, medicated baths, and pills. Fleas can be prevented with monthly topical solutions or chewable tablets that are available from our veterinarians.


Tick bites do not itch, so your dog will act normally. Check your dog thoroughly when he or she comes in from outside, especially from areas with lush vegetation. Ticks can be prevented with the same topical solutions and chewable tablets that prevent fleas. After removing any ticks from your dog, contact your veterinarian to see if any tests for diseases should be performed.


Heartworms can kill your dog by blocking the heart and blood vessels. They are transmitted by mosquito bites. The first symptom of heartworms is a low cough. Treating adult heartworms is difficult which makes prevention all the more important. Heartworms can be prevented with chewable tablets given monthly, or by a new injectable medication.


Mites cause mange, which causes such intense itching that your dog will scratch bald patches in the fur and open the skin. Dogs can be successfully treated for mange with topical creams, medicated dips, and pills. Dogs with open wounds may need antibiotics to prevent infections. The dog’s collar, bedding, and just about anything the dog has touched should be cleaned to kill any mites. Mange can cause itching and rashes in people, although any mites trying to live on human skin will die in a few days.

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If you would like to know more about parasite control for your dog and live in the Bailey area, contact Dr. Sheila RiceWatkins at Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital. Call our team today at (303) 838-4677 or reach us through our website by using our online contact form.

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