You’re probably aware that dogs can get “cold” viruses and bacterial infections because it’s common practice to give them Bordetella vaccines, which help prevent these illnesses. But did you know that the chances of them catching one of these viruses is greater in some seasons, just like with people? With increases in boarding, daycare and traveling during the holidays, we see more “kennel cough” and canine influenza in the winter months.

Here are a couple tips for making the season easier for all pet owners:

  • Vaccinate! If you are taking your dogs to play areas, pet stores or other doggy gathering places, make sure your pups are vaccinated.
  • Keep coughing dogs home. If your dog is coughing or showing other signs, please don’t bring him or her to play or boarding.

No one can prevent all cold and flu infections, but by being careful and considerate, we can reduce exposure. If you’d like to update your pet’s vaccines or have questions about canine colds and flu, request an appointment online or call us at 303-838-4677.