Pet Insurance

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Pet Insurance

Plan Ahead for a Healthy Pet!

At Crow Hill Veterinary Hospital, we believe in pet insurance—we’ve seen it help families take better care of their animal companions and afford life-saving procedures for their pets.

There are many health insurance and wellness plans options. At Crow Hill, we recommend Companion Protect Insurance. Companion Protect is a U.S. based company offering simple, affordable and comprehensive pet health insurance for the everyday pet parent. As an official Vetwork Partner for Companion Protect, we are able to offer our clients a lower deductible and 10% co-pay at time of treatment for qualifying illness and injuries, and Companion Protect will work directly with us to cover the rest.

We highly recommend doing your research before choosing a plan for your pet. Like health insurance for people, pet policies have different deductibles, co-payments and premiums. You should also be aware that with most policies, the pet owner must pay the vet bills in full, file a claim, and then wait for reimbursement from the insurance company.